1. How can I find out more information about GilletteLabs Heated Razor?
1. 如何找到有關 GilletteLabs 熱感手動剃鬚刀的更多信息?
You can find out all about GilletteLabs Heated Razor on each product page on this website. If you have any other questions, please simply fill in the contact form at Contact Us page, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
您可以在本網站的各個產品頁面上了解有關 GilletteLabs 熱感手動剃鬚刀的所有信息。如果您有任何其他疑問,歡迎透過 “聯絡我們” 頁面中的簡單表格,填寫並告知我們, 我們會盡快回覆。
2. How long does a Gillette Heated Razor blade last?
2. 一片吉列熱感手動剃鬚刀的刀片可以使用多久?
Every Heated Razor blade delivers up to a month of shave. To ensure a long-lasting lubrastrip, store your razor in the included organizer tray or face up—away from damp surfaces
3. Can GilletteDirect.com.hk give me tips on how to shave better?
3. 吉列能否為我提供一些貼士,告訴我如何以最好的方式剃鬚?
With more than a century of experience and innovation backing our products, we know a thing or two about shaving. Get started with the face shaving how-to articles and videos on our site. After you have the basics down, you can explore our videos on manscaping and facial-hair styling. And you’ll find even more videos on the Gillette YouTube™ page.Gillette YouTube™ page.
我們的產品背後有著超過一世紀的經驗和創新,因此我們能提供許多關於剃鬚的知識。首先請前往我們的網站瀏覽剃鬚教學文章及短片。此外,您亦可以在 吉列的頁面 觀看更多短片。
4. Where does GilletteDirect.com.hk ship?
4. GilletteDirect.com.hk 提供哪裡的配送服務?
Products on the GilletteDirect.com.hk are only available for delivery to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. We are working to bring GilletteLabs Heated Razor to the world. Tag us @GilletteLabs and tell us where you live! You can also visit your local website for GilletteLabs Heated Razor GilletteLabs Heated Razor
GilletteDirect.com.hk 網站內的相關產品暫時只可配送至香港特別行政區。 我們正致力於將吉列熱感剃鬚刀帶到世界各地。標籤我們 @ GilletteLabs,告訴我們您住的地方!您亦可以瀏覽您所在地的網站尋找 吉列熱感剃鬚刀
5. How long does it take to ship in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?
5. 有關配送香港特別行政區的方式及送貨時間
We offer standard shipping options 4 to 5 business days.
我們的標準送貨時間為4至5個 (工作天) 。
6. Which delivery options are available at GilletteDirect.com.hk?
6. GilletteDirect.com.hk 提供哪種送貨方式?
We offer 3 ways to deliver, including:
  • Your registered shipping address; Or
  • You designated SF-Express self pick-up store/service point*; Or
  • You designated SF-Express EF locker* for self pick-up*
*If you choose to self pick-up yourself at the designated SF-Express self pick-up store/service point or the EF locker, please select either SF-Express store location or EF locker location at checkout page. For detail SF-Express store information, please visit SF-Express webpage. For detail EF locker location, please visit EF Locker webpage.
網站購物提供三種送貨方式, 包括送貨到:
  • 您的註冊郵寄地址; 或
  • 您指定的順豐站地址自取*; 或
  • 您指定的順便智能櫃地址自取*
*如果您選擇在指定的順豐站或 順便智能櫃自取,請在結帳時在送貨地址一欄重新輸入您想要的順豐站或 順便智能櫃地址。您可點擊順豐速運網站查順豐站 或順便智能櫃地址查閱相關地址
7. How is my order being processed and When will my order be shipped?
7. 我的訂單會什麼時候配送發貨?
Shopping on the GilletteDirect.com.hk website is simple and easy: you only need to complete your order and payment, and we'll process and ship it. Once you completed and made payment to your order, you’ll get an order confirmation email at your registered email. Order processing takes 1-2 working days and we will pass the delivery parcel to our designated delivery service provider SF-Express to ship your order 2 to 3 working days*. *You’ll get a shipment notification email at your registered email with a tracking waybill number as soon as your order ships. You can track and trace your order on SF-Express webpage directly.
GilletteDirect.com.hk 網站購物輕鬆簡單:您只需要完成訂購及付款,我們便會處理,然後配送發貨。當您的訂單完成付款後,相關訂單處理將會在 1 至 2 工作天完成, 及後送貨將會在 2 至 3 工作天內完成。 *訂單確認後,我們會把訂單運送追蹤編號和方法發送至您的聯絡電子郵箱,方便訂單追蹤及跟進。 你可點擊 順豐速運網站查順豐站 作訂單追蹤
8. How long does it take to ship from Hong Kong SAR to other countries?
8. 從香港特別行政區配送往其他國家需要多久?
We are sorry that we won’t ship overseas yet. Thank you for your support, please visit https://gillette.com, check out your store, and get your favorite Gillette products.
很抱歉,我們暫時未能提供運送至香港特別行政區以外的地區。感謝您的支持,請瀏覽 https://gillette.com, 查看您所在地的商店,獲取您最喜愛的吉列產品。
9. How to change my shipping address?
9. 如何更改我的送貨地址?
If your order is shipping to an incorrect address, please fill in an enquiry form at Contact Us page or have your shipping way bill number ready and contact our courier company directly (which stated in the email of shipping confirmation)
如果送貨地址需要更改,請到 “聯絡我們” 頁面留言 或 在收到“訂單運送追蹤編號” 聯絡運輸公司(電子郵件會包含聯絡方法)。
10. I'm having trouble tracking my order!
10. 我在訂單追蹤方面遇到了問題!
We are sorry about that and here to help! If you have any issues with your order tracking process / tracking number isn’t updating nor working at all, please reach out to us as soon as you can via Contact Us page. We will sort it out for your as soon as we get your inquiry
很抱歉,請到 “聯絡我們” 或 在收到 “訂單運送追蹤編號” 後與我們聯絡,我們會盡快為您處理
11. How do I return or exchange?
11. 如何進行退貨或換貨
If you find that our products are not suitable, please call our Customer Relations at 800-969-688 or fill in an enquiry form on the Contact Us page within seven days of product receival for a return or exchange and return or replace the product at the designated Customer Service Center. (Note: Please keep all the order confirmation email and the original packaging for any return or exchange. Original packing should be returned in good shape, includes but not limited to GilletteLabs product original box, original product labels, original certificate, warranty, instruction, supporting documents, gifts and all the accessories, etc. Product label should remain intact, any damaged or folded/curved/crooked label will not be accepted for return or exchange).
很抱歉,如果您發現我們的產品不合適,請於收貨日起七天內致電客戶服務中心800-969-688或到 “聯絡我們” 頁面聯絡客戶服務中心向我們提出退貨或換貨要求並到指定客戶服務中心退回或更換產品。(注意: 退貨或換貨時請保留及退回所有包裝,包括所有GilletteLabs貨品原裝包裝盒、商品原標籤,證明文件、廠商保證書、說明書、贈品及全部配件等,並保證所有包裝在完好無損的狀態下退回。 貨品上的標籤必須保持完整,如有破壞或折曲都不能退換。)
12. What should I do if I receive the wrong product or a missing part?
12. 如發現收到錯誤的產品或缺少部分零件,該怎麼辦
Sorry for the inconvenience. If you find that the product you received does not match your order or is missing a product or accessory, please have your order details, such as order date, order confirmation number, invoice number ready, and call our Customer Relations at 800-969-688 or notify us on the Contact us page and we will follow up as soon as possible.
很抱歉為您帶來不便。如果您發現收到的產品與您訂購的產品不符或缺少產品或配件,請盡快致電客戶服務中心800-969-688或到 “聯絡我們” 頁面通知我們,我們會盡快為您跟進。
13. When will my credit card be charged?
13. 我的信用卡什麼時候記帳?
Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.
14. What payment methods do you accept?
14. 你們接受什麼付款方式?
We accept Visa, MasterCard credit cards and Paypal. We apologize that we can't accept a check or money order for the time being.
我們接受 Visa,MasterCard 信用卡和 Paypal 。我們暫時無法接受支票或匯票。謹此致歉。
15. What should I do if my payment is declined?
15. 如果我的付款遭拒,該怎麼辦?
If your payment didn't pass or was declined, check the following: Check your credit card's payment details (such as security codes and billing email addresses, etc.) match what you have entered into our system, or
  • Has your credit card expired?
  • Is your credit card activated?
Your card issuer or Paypal may have rejected your payment without telling us why, so it's a good idea to check with them before trying to use your credit card again.
如果您的付款沒有通過或被拒,請檢查以下幾項: 檢查您的信用卡的付款細節(例如安全代碼和帳單郵寄地址等等)是否與您輸入我們系統的內容相符。或者
  • 您的信用卡是否已過期?
  • 您的信用卡是否已激活?
您的發卡機構或 Paypal 可能拒絕了您的付款而沒有告訴我們原因,所以最好在再次嘗試使用您的信用卡之前與他們核實。
16. Can I delete my saved payment method?
16. 我可以刪除已保存的付款方式嗎?
Please note that only the registered customers can delete their own cards. If you've made a purchase and signed up for an account on our website, you can make this change on Your Accounts page. Please log on to this website and click on Your Account and choose "Payment Method" to update your payment method information.
請注意,只有購物者(客戶)才能刪除他們存儲的卡。 如果您曾經在這個網站上購物並註冊帳戶, 您可以在“帳戶”頁面上進行此更改。請登錄本網站然後點擊 “您的帳戶”,然後選擇“付款方式” 以更新您的付款方式信息。
17. How can I update my order?
17. 如何更新我的訂單?
Please contact our Customer Relations at 800-969-688 or email us as soon as possible at contact us if you would like to make any changes on your order. Or have your shipping way bill number ready and contact our courier company directly (which stated in the email of shipping confirmation)
如果訂單資料需要更改,請致電客戶服務中心800-969-688或到 “聯絡我們” 頁面 留言或 在收到 “訂單運送追蹤編號” 後聯絡運輸公司(電子郵件會包含聯絡方法)。
18. How do I check the status of my order?
18. 如何查看我的訂單狀態?
Once the order has been confirmed, we will send the "Order Shipping Tracking Number" and shipping method to your registered email address. You can log back into Your Account again on this website and check the status of your order.
訂單確認後,我們會把 “訂單運送追蹤編號”和方法發送至您的聯絡電子郵箱。您可以於本網站再次登錄到 “您的帳戶”頁面,並根據您的“訂單運送追蹤編號”查看於頁面上的訂單狀態。
19. Can I use multiple coupon barcodes at checkout?
19. 我可以在結賬時使用多個優惠條碼嗎?
We can only use one promo barcode per order and two different promo codes cannot be used at the same time. If you encounter two valid offer barcodes while browsing the Internet, simply select one of the offer barcodes you want to use.
20. I forgot my password!
20. 我忘記了我的密碼!
If you forget your password, follow these steps to rebuild your password.
  • "Login"
  • Enter the email address you set up with your GilletteLabs account
  • Click "Forgot your password"
  • You will receive an email with a direct link to update Click the link to change your password
  • Create a new password. Your new password must contain at least 7 characters and contain letter and number characters.
  • 登入
  • 輸入與您的 GilletteLabs帳戶設訂的電子郵件地址
  • 點擊 “忘記密碼”
  • 您將收到一封電子郵件,其中包含要更新的直接鏈接 請點擊鏈接以更改密碼
  • 創建一個新密碼。您的新密碼必須至少包含7個字符,並且包含字母和數字字符
21. How do I update my account details?
21. 如何更新我的賬戶詳情?
To update your personal information, please log in to this website and click on the Account Settings page in Your Account.You can change your name, email, password information there. Once you finish update, please click “Update Info”. If you wish to change your Billing and Shipping Information details, please go to “Address Book” under Your Account to update, delete, or add a new shipping address. Once you've completed the update, click Update or Delete or Confirm Address, based on your changes.
如要更新您的個人信息,請登入本網站然後點擊“您的帳戶” 內的 “帳號設定”頁面 .您可以在那裡更改您的姓名,電子郵件,密碼等。完成更新後,請點擊“更新詳情”。 如果您想更改配送詳情,請登入本網站然後點擊“您的帳戶” 內的 “地址一覽” 頁面 您可以在那裡更新,刪除或添加新的收件地址。完成更新後,根據您的需求,請點擊“更新” 或 “刪除”或 “確認地址”。 如果您想更改付款詳情,請登入本網站然後點擊“您的帳戶” 內的 “付款方式”頁面 您可以在那裡更新,刪除或添加新的付款方式。完成更新後,根據您的需求,請點擊“更新” 或 “刪除”或 “確認”。
22. How do I contact GilletteLabs customer service or leave a comment?
22. 如何聯繫 GilletteLabs客戶服務或提供建議?
If you have a question or comment about GilletteLabs products, you can call 800-969-688 or contact us at Contact Us page at this website.
如有任何有關吉列熱感剃鬚刀之疑問 , 可致電客戶服務中心800-969-688或到 “聯絡我們” 頁面聯絡客戶服務中心
23. How to manage your subscription setting ?
23. 如何取消 / 更改按月訂購設定
To update your subscription setting, please log in to this website and click on the Account Settings page in "Your Account" and under subscription tab.
如要更新您的按月訂購設定,請登入本網站然後點擊 “您的帳戶”內的 “Subscription ”頁面。您可以在那裡更新您按月訂購設定。